pic: FIRST in America- November 2004

My little robotics hobby for now- mapmaking. Well I stayed up late on thanksgiving night and had not much to do, so I updated the team Population map for the U.S. minor changes include:

  • addition of Puerto Rico territory
  • population change map at the bottom
  • growth of 21 teams in the state of California!

FIRST census? Department of Statistics? There will probably be a final map of the 2005 season out by February… for now I’ll start on maps for the previous years.


wow. literally the middle of America has no teams. no surprise that Michigan is the number one

95 teams in Michigan. WOW. It makes Virginia look pathetic…

If I had the funds for it, I would load up a FIRST caravan and drive it straight out to the mid-America and make a tour to spur as many teams as humanly possible into existance. I’ve got the plans drawn up for the tour already! :smiley:
But alas, I’m just a high school sophomore without a license or car yet. :frowning:




Sounds like a good idea, also sounds like a lot of fun. It would be even cooler if you dressed like a pirate, and drove a car with a big mast on it! Then you would draw attention and when people would come to look at your car/you, you could explain FIRST and have them start a team. I would definitely be in line to sign up as first mate! lol

i see an update, NY has 90 teams… wow very impressive that there is so many teams in 3 states and 0 in one and only a few in others

edit #2
CT has 28 teams
1 is a rookie:D

you can only fit so many teams into CT

thanks for making the map, it’s very intereseting to see teams and were they are, etc, etc

Who’s going to Nebraska with me?!?!?!

looks like California is getting really close to Michigan in number of teams.

And it took all of 3 hours to outdate the map! :yikes: Well that just proves the rate that FIRST is growing at: nine-hundred something teams from 7 countries (USA, Canada, Ecuador, Brazil, France, England, Israel) in 31 regional competitions. The magnitude of this program is huge now- like one of those gargantuan ants nests I once saw on the discovery channel (I think it was the one that was 7ft tall…). And just seeing all the people scuttle about at the competitions like the ants of the hive is just wierd. [/end extended metaphor & needless obsession with the obvious]

Updated Top Three (October Population):
MI - 95 (89)
CA - 91 (70)
NY - 90 (86)

Can’t wait until some state breaks 100.


I would guess Michigan and California will be close to 110 next year. And maybe if some idea’s I’ve had work out and my funding personally goes better I will get at least ONE team in Nebraska!


mind if i board this ship too?
lookout nebraska! here we come!

That’s really not a good thing, as Bill Gold has pointed out before.

There’s such a large growth in teams, but they arent being retained year to year, which is a real problem. I would much rather see California have 45 teams that compete year after year after year than having to lose 20 (random figure) teams per year with a 95 team total

Well, it’s funny how Michigan is a small-ish state and has 95, when California’s one of the biggest states and has 4 less then Michigan. Wow. That actually shocked me.

Yeah that is true. I find surprising myself. I can name at least for schools in the same school district as us that don’t have team. But then there is also a lot of industrial plants in Michigan. Maybe thats got to do with something.

This was posted in another thread. Only one more day for them to register and maintain this statement. If there aren’t 10 teams in Idaho by tomorrow (Dec. 1) is there a specific reason or was some recruiting not as effective as it was planned to be? Some insight would be nice, but is not necessary.

Nothing new in Idaho in the past 24 hours, but DC’s up to 4 teams- making it now the densest FIRST teams-to land area and FIRST teams-to population region in America.