pic: FIRST in CT, fix #2

I had 716 in the wrong spot. This should be final.

Silly 716, look at them! they’ve wandered off from the pack and gotten themselves lost out in the middle of nowhere again. Chronically dazed and confused those folks are, its no wonder they are always wearing those little question marks above their heads.

Hey now! At least we’re asking questions! We don’t have little lightbulbs all over us, or whatever you guys do, pretending we already know all the answers… we don’t pretend we’re perfect! :wink: Nice try though Jake, maybe you should review those videos from Atlanta… the question marks paid off, I’d have to say! in the end it’s the fact that we’re still asking questions, never satisfied with the answers we’re given!

we never pretend to know all the answers. It’s just that we’re usually to lazy to put them into action :smiley:

as I’m sure that you will see at IRI, our claw has been slightly, uhh, modified, so that we will not run into the same problem we had against you in the finals at nats. I’m sure that as always, they will be grouping 571 and 716’s pits together in a corner somewhere, so as not to frighten off all the other teams with our obvious east coast prowress.

Of course they are! Have you not looked at the list yet? IRI will be fun to show all those midwesterners what the east coast is all about! What do you say guys?! I’m thinking we might have to pull a little UTC action! Everyone’s seen those videos, right? The east coast is not one to mess with!
See you all there!