pic: FIRST in CT

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It seems to me that you are mssing teams 236 from Old Lyme and 521 from Waterford… :cool: Other than that it looks pretty good

P.S. what are those arrows for between towns?

I wonder if some one’s written a program to do this…

i think im gonna rasterbate this

Holy Cow! There are way more teams in Connecticut than I thought. It looks like someone drove down a freeway and recruited everyone in their path. Maricopa County (Phoenix metro area) alone is twice Connecticut’s size, but we have less than half of the number of teams. That’s insane.

It does, doesn’t it?

What’s so special about #558? And how about the thing above 500?

It helps when FIRST was founded in New England and that CT has one of the highest population densities in the country (I think)

i always knew CT had a lot of teams, but wow.
Also, 173 should cover like 3 towns, lol but that’s ok:D we’re fine since our main meeting place is EH

Yeah 1071 is like almost like 173, we cover mostly (like 98% of team) from wolcott HS but has kids from Kaynor Tech (waterbury) and Bristol TEC (Bristol)too… Team 228 I think has like 3 or 4 schools part of them too.

Depends on where you live…(see signature) :wink:

i would make a map for NY but there are 77 teams and a lot more ocming just from Rochester for the RochesterRegional next year

i think thats whats left of team 521 and 236

I love how my town is wedged right between team 38 and 237! It’s like a FIRST sandwich :cool:

Wow. Nice.

<scrambles to make a Michigan one>

well my team is the center of a FIRST circle… right in the middle of 999, 1071, 228, 155, and 178.

but there is an opening above us… (ponders ideas)

WHEN will we be seeing a florida map?

More than likely, as soon as you upload one Ty…

Your idea was probably already pondered and shot down… Bristol TEC was supposed to close that gap over 195, but they didn’t have the money or something, I guess they’re doing something with the other 17 Tech schools instead of robotics, and their students will continue working with other teams instead.

Sorry, 236 and 521 did get chopped off on accident. I uploaded a fixed one.

I also took an educated guess for 716. They’re officially from Falls Village, but it’s not on the map. The logo should be in the general area though. If it’s wrong, let me know and I’ll fix it.

And, yes. most teams are either right off I-84 or I-91. And the teams on the coast are near I-95.

opps my bad posted twice :ahh: