pic: FIRST in IEEE pg5

Here is the Table of Content with a good picture of Team 71 and ?

Notice the lower right item about Dean Kamen on-line at IEEE Archives.


The other bot is team 1218.:slight_smile: What is this picture from? Where can I get a copy?

Oooo… I’m sitting on the floor, just to the right of the camera man.

Floor seats are best :smiley:

I see Brandon Martus, Stu Bloom, Ben Lauer, and myself in the stands! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the team number!

The picture is from page 3 “The Table of Content” from IEEE’s monthly magazine The Institute (issue June 2004 Vol.28, No.2)
I borrowed it from the IEEE office from Polytechnic University.

Also visible is the arm of 494 right by the far bar post.