pic: FIRST in Michigan Calendars by Robostangs548

The Robostangs have created a Calendar for the 2012 FiM season. Thanks to Dan Ernst. We’re selling them for $10 each all proceeds are going to rookie teams. More information will be available at Robostangs.com

The calendars include
FIRST in Michigan important dates
Complete list of 2011 FIRST in Michigan team names and numbers
100 FIRST robotics full-color professional photos by Daniel Ernst
Profits to be donated to rookie teams

That looks awesome, do you think you could make one for MAR events too? :rolleyes:

This looks awesome! I do need a 2012 calendar…

I need a 2012 calendar of FIRST of California! PLEASE!!!

As of right now we just have the FiM calendar, it took a lot of work to make. More information is now up on Robostangs.com under the blog heading if you want more information. We’ll let you know how the calendar works out for the rest of this year and give lessons learned to anyone that wants to make one for another state/region!