pic: FIRST in Scrabble?

A Scrabble game Jeff Waegelin and myself were playing the week of the hubbub about the BaneBots plates. This may or may not qualify as a “You know you’re addicted to FIRST if…”


the soft, dense, light-brown woolly undercoat of the musk ox, used in making fabrics. *

Wow… I didn’t even know that was a word :smiley:

And if you add your “V” right before that word in the bottom right you’ll get Vex.

I spy an awkward turtle in there as well :wink:

except you would have another word in front of it and you cant do that in scrabble.:stuck_out_tongue:


This should have gone in the “You know you’re obsessed with robotics if…” thread. :smiley: