pic: FIRST is everywhere!

Hmmm. That water looks like the shade you would find at Dale Hollow Lake near Cookeville, TN.

IT is going to be a water game!!! YEA!

Now I want to go swimming.

No, that’s too obvious to be it, the water is obviously a red herring.

Waves? Sound? Maybe ultrasonic targets instead of vision targets…

Just remember: the tubes aren’t a life saving device, the are a life CHANGING device!

Maybe a lovely fun photo taken on the Bakers’ vacation?


Are those properly inflated using the gauge?

I hope not. I would say that whatever gauge was used to measure those was defective :wink:

Even if these tubes didn’t say “WARNING: This is not a Lifesaving Device” on them, I would never use them as one. Those things pop WAY too easily. 2007 tubes, on the other hand…

Where do you gauge those tubes again?

Chris, you told me you weren’t taking any electronics with you! Are you back already?

Yes, we had a fantastic week there.

But these tubes kept floating up and around the houseboat. We couldn’t escape FIRST.

Where did you go on the house boat? i’m leaving in a few weeks to go on one :slight_smile: near the niagara area (canada side)

So if you are drowning and I am near, and I am holding a bunch of the tubes, I can not help you.

You are a First magnet!

They’ll just deflate anyways.

I wish we had tubes that weren’t deflated…

I asked for them, but I probably won’t see them until next season.