pic: FIRST is finally recognized as a sport!

Got this message when I went to go to the FIRST site at work. Hope a little humor lightens up your intense build season. Good luck to all teams!

Well depending on what part you look at it could be taken as a “sport” or “recreation” lol I would take the “sport” though =]

Strange; our school blocked it for a while as “lifestyle”. If FIRST has been downplayed as “lifestyle”, we need to step it up a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

I could never read Bill’s Blog when it first came out, & now just usually forget about it completely since it was blocked for being a personal blog where I used to work. Lamesauce.

Yeah, school filters are quite annoying when trying to download software updates.

We talked with the IT guys in our school and got the FIRST site and Bill’s Blog unblocked, but Chief Delphi is still blocked due to “Illegal Drugs” or something… :confused:

Might have to talk with IT again about that…

Bill’s Blog is blocked at my school, but google reader is not. :slight_smile:

My school blocked DropBox, XKCD comic, The Brothers Brick(Lego blog), and quite a bit of other stuff I find useful because of the filter. I probably should try to speak to people about it.

Tell your IT guys that potentiometers are not illegal, and nerd slang for them is “pots”. I think they object to the “smoking pot” references. (translation: somebody broke a potentiometer by frying it.)

+1 Internets.

Comic = useful? :stuck_out_tongue:

XKCD is :smiley:
Useful for calming down another member on a bad day haha