pic: First iteration of the snuffle attachement

We’ve been working on this design using a vacuum attachment from Armavac. It’s still pretty floppy but picks up cubes really well.

Some things that we are doing as we are another vacuum powered team…at least for now.

Vacuums do work…and we’ve been able to match/exceed the speed of wheeled intakes in competition.
Achieving consistent fast line up speed and avoiding occasional dropping of cubes has been our larger issues thus far.

We will be swapping out our 4 drive-train CIM motors to mini-CIM motors as there is significant data pointing to lower voltage/current draw in a match. We ran these motors last year so we know we won’t have any problems.
Which of course means the vacuum can run with more power.

What diameter bowl is that? We use an 9" diameter bowl, and when we pick up cubes on the FIRST logo side, like you seem to be doing…we have the strongest hold.

Have you considered adding a second stage to your vacuum system? We did that, and saw a much more reliable/stronger hold on cubes.

Good luck with the suck!

Thanks so much for the ideas! We have moved the snuffle attachment so that it is less floppy. The current design was not holding it well enough when we turned. Our bowl is currently about 7 inches in diameter. The new bucket attachment is a bit bigger (8inches…ish). What do you mean by second stage?

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the name of this device, “the snuffle attachment.” By far, one of my favourite names for an FRC mechanism that I’ve heard yet. If a name hasn’t been decided upon for the bot, might I suggest, Snuffleupagus.

Also, awesome use of the armabot to solve this year’s challenge in a unique way. Looking forward to seeing how this works out for you guys this weekend.

Snuffleupagus, meet Oscar (from 2004).

Now someone should be the Count. One cube, ahahah, two cubes, ahahah…and if we have a 2015 game instead of Batman and Robin, Bert and Ernie!

Thanks for noticing the snuffle :wink: name reference! I love the oscar. The idea of using a drive train that has less power to give more power to the armavac and motor is an interesting one. We are also tinkering with a dump truck arm. So little time, so many ideas…