pic: FIRST liscense plate on the 2008 robot

This is team 1529’s 2008 robot, Homer, showcasing the Indiana FIRST License plate which is in the process of becoming an official plate.

Where can I get one?!?!

If only these were available in MN. And I had a car/vehicle. And could drive.



One word: SWEET!!!

[wishing I lived in Indiana right now, so I could get one when I can drive on my own in 7 months]

How long do I need to be a resident to get a plate? moves to Indiana

WOW! I want one =D

I wish I lived in Indiana too! Oh wait a second, I do now :rolleyes:

If indiana can do it so can other states. check w/ your local DMV on how to get a customized plate. I’m pretty sure it will cost just the same as any other customizable plate!

States don’t make a plate for one person. Every state has a different requirement to get custom plates. For example: My state, Virginia, requires 350 prepaid applications, and a fairly strict design guidelines to make a plate for an organization.

350? That’s nothing! Not only does California require 7500 applications, there’s another law banning any new “special interest license plates” at all…