pic: FIRST logo in 3DS Max


FIRST logo in 3DS Max

cool i made this one a while back

Nice job

edit: Nice Job both of you

is the square and the circle purposely swapped

I hate to be the wet blanket, but I’m pretty sure you’ve violated FIRST’s logo standards

The first image changed the logo itself, by re-ordering the shapes, as well as leaving “FIRST” off the bottom. It also changed the colors, and the shapes do not have the same orientation of the official logo.

The second image has changed the colors and shading of the symbols, as well as the placement of “FIRST” it also does not have the trademark symbol

In addition, neither logo has the correct amount of free space around it (or any, for that matter)

ive heard it all beforehere

sorry bout the shapes being backward i didint evan realize that. thanks ill fix it and put annother one up possible with the text.

i know it violates the standards but i did it for fun and wanted you guys to see it im not gonna use it as part of a document just a background on my desktop

Since the first one isnt really the official logo since the shapes are swapped does it violate anything??

I would think so, because the title and the context of its posting make it clear that it is supposed to be a representation of the official FIRST logo.

It’s grey area, and from what I understand, it’s fine (from what I see in animation submissions and such.) Plus he’s not using this logo as promotional use, on a website, or even in his team, to which the logo standards would make sense. Instead he’s just saying “hey look what I did.” It seems like the heart of the rules aren’t being taken into consideration.