pic: FIRST Logo

The FIRST Logo made from students at WPI’s Frontiers Robotics camp, the photo even won a prize !

Why aren’t you in the West street fountain?
Actually I’m surprised the fountain is on it seemed like they rarely used it when I went there.

Very cool!


That’s awesome.

Had they set up in the fountain, FIRST would have finally had its first water game! :rolleyes:


Doesn’t that violate some kind of copyright or trademark? :rolleyes:

I’m fairly positive that if it were a corporation or something it would, but since students represent FIRST it’s probably okay, besides who doesn’t love FIRST enough to assemble the logo out of people !?

Aw awesome!
I want to take some black and white photos of our robot building sessions when we get our kit to portray chaos but I’m not sure I’ll be able to since I’ll be running around actually working.

Awesome! I was just standing there yesterday! WPI is probably my second pick, behind the CGA.