pic: FIRST Mission Control - I Spy Edition!

I thought I would try my hand at Photoshop. Not too bad, i think. :smiley:

Here’s a photoshopped version of what a FIRST Mission Control-type thingy might look like, sometime in the future. You’ll definitely need to click on the picture to view the full-size version to see all the details. How many subtle “I Spy” type FIRST-related things or team numbers can you find in the picture? :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=1]Here is the source image I used: http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/64943main_ffs_gallery_mcc_hires1.jpg[/size]

I see:

  • Woodie
  • Dean and Clinton
  • Krispy Kreme and Mountain Dew for the Flight Director
  • n.e.r.d. logo on flight director’s screen
  • Triple Play video feed on the toppest leftest screen
  • Chief Delphi on the big projector
  • Dew for the woman in the foreground
  • JVN is being tracked on the map (like the new Sprint ad!)
  • I don’t know who it is, but a person in front of the map
  • The labels above the screen have been changed (“Andy Baker pwns”, a ton of team number references)
  • “Total Number of FIRST Teams Worldwide”
  • Brandon has his own station with CD on the screen
  • Monitor viewing Mount Rushmore
  • pac man on the screen behind all the Dew

Yikes, did I get them all?

very nice photoshopping…a bit of free time eh?

I think a triple play match is being played on the top left monitor.


Opps, Greg saw it, I just can’t read.

So NASA is planning on blasting NERD deep into space?

That Triple Play match was the Quarter finals at the Buckeye Regional…

Red Alliance: 279, 67, 274
Blue Alliance: 276, 166, 94 :frowning:

It was fun getting slaughtered by 1/3 National Champs.

The sad part is 279 told us that they were going to pick us if we were still available by the time they got their second pick.

Here are the official results of that match.

actually that would be Mt KamenMore

More or less, that’s all of them. The funny part of this was that this only took like fifteen minutes to do, and only because I was in one of those random artistic moods that I get every now and them. The woman in front of the map is Heidi (MissInformation), who is always taking tons of pictures or photoshopping new pictures of Dave Lavery. The presence of Heidi with a camera is also the reason why Dave is no where to be seen in this picture. :yikes: (I was going to Photoshop him into one of the seats.)

Also, the picture of Mount Rushmore is the one with Dean and Woodie Photoshopped into it from the 2006 Championships. :wink: And if you’re really keen, in the team numbers area, I would wrote things like 1511rt or cp254, where the letters before or after the team number are the abbreviation of the respective team’s name. (Rolling Thunder and Cheesy Poofs respectively)

Where’s Waldo?

You’re right. 1547 is nowhere to be seen!

hehehehehe I thought that screen shot looked reallllly familiar :smiley:

You know, this is grounds for revenge… sigh… in justification for such a hideous picture of me, it was the 2005 Reston Relay for Life, and the theme was The 80s, so our entire team (whose name is Dear Friends) was supposed to dress out of fashion with our motto being “Friendship never goes out of style” and so I showed up wearing that frightful shirt with big, frizzed out hair (well, it was raining, so the hair wasn’t as big as it started, whew!) But my teammates are all chickens (I’m not going to call them lame because they are my friends and I love them very much), and I’m the only one who ended up in “costume”, much to my dismay… I spent the rest of the Relay pretending 80s clothes really had come back into fashion…

Anyhow, seeing as how your I-spy was overall pretty darn clever, I’ll let it slide this time… this time…


i love the tic tac toe in the corner - nice touch

I think I see a button on the right hand side

i vote on seeing another one. this is cool.

Wow. Way to steal my thunder… I just took a picture this week I was going to photoshop…

I see…
ThunderChickens, Rocketeers, Rolling Thunder, Steel Armadillos, Burning Magnetos, Überbots (How many of you can type that? :p), Cheesy Poofs, Firebirds, Robbe Xtreme, Huskie Brigade, Cybersonics, TechnoKats, Gaelhawks, Space Coast (had to be worked in…), Team Hammond, Grasshoppers, X-Cats, Epsilon Delta, Raider Robotix, RoboRaiders, TJ², RAGE, GUS, Division by Zero, ChiefDelphi, SteamPunk, HOT, SPAM, Tigertrons, Children of the Swamp, Buzz, Gompei and the HERD, Rhode Warriors, Goodrich Martians, MVRT, TEC CReW Hammerheads, CIA, Robocards, Nonnebots, Willow Run Flyers, Rappahannock Robotics, Arctic Warriors, FURY, and Scarabian Knights.

I hope there isn’t any that I missed…

[EDIT]Bionic Bulldogs, Elements, Holland Dutch, Rocket City Robotics, RUSH.[/EDIT]

Naw. He’s just hiding. I found him, though. (You gotta watch those NASA geeks. Sometimes they try to do what the rovers do and go a little over their head. :smiley: )

What does Pac Man have to do with FIRST?