pic: FIRST Mission Patch

Team 2377 decided to continue with this year’s “lunar” theme by giving away our mission patches at events. Our version of the space mission patches used by NASA.

Great idea and amazing patch. Who wouldn’t want this cool keepsake?!

Very cool.
I know just where I can attach it…

I’ll so be looking to track one of those babies down to add to my patch collection!

interesting are giving it with Velcro on the back or giving it and getting however takes it to sew it on? thats one of the best ideas i’ve heard for giveaways

They actually have an adhesive backing that should hold until they can be sewn on. Just come by the 2377 pit or see any of the 2377 team members for yours at the DC regional, Chesapeake regional, or Championship (at least until we run out).

Maybe this can become a new trend… I’d be more than willing to pass on contact information for the great company who helped us make our patches. Just email or PM me.

Hey if i give you my address can you send me one?