pic: FIRST Origami

I was bored one day…and I made this. What do you think?

DUDE! That’s awsome! Tell us how to do it!!!

cory on 287 last year taught me how to make the ball for the circle…but i don’t know the square or the triangle. and i think i forgot how to make the ball anyways

that is pretty darn sweet i wish i had talent liek that…i guess i will just stick to building robots

oo. i love that. must of been hard too. sheesh*

Thanks for the comments.

Actually, it really wasn’t too hard (for me at least). It takes 48 pieces of paper, 30 of them small squares (they make up the sphere), and the rest long strips (for the pyramid and cube)

For those who feel like trying this out, I can give you a few hints:

  1. The ball is made from phiZZ units. Look it up on Google.
  2. The pyramid is part of a model called “5 intersecting tetrahedra” Look for “Tom Thull” on Google (he’s a professor that does this stuff)
  3. The cube is my own design, basically a variation on the pyramid. Play around with it.

Sweet action! That thing rocks!

George you’re a freak! J/k

George has:
Made our nationally acclaimed GP poster
Successfully been our Webmaster and the SCRRF webmaster
Made our chairmans submission :slight_smile:

Bring it to the meeting on Sunday :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by DanielBCR *
George you’re a freak! J/k

Shut, you. lol. :smiley:
I’ll bring it to the next meeting if I remember.

So, anyone tried this yet?