pic: "FIRST" Pitch


Representing Time Warner Cable’s Connect-A-Million-Minds and FIRST, Hilltopper (and Dean’s List Finalist) Will Pierson had the honor of throwing out the first pitch at the Brewers/Cardinals game at Miller Park this afternoon.

This is so awesome. Seeing fellow FIRST members taking part in Major Sporting events is awesome.

We have will.i.am. now we need the MLB, NFL, and the NBA.

I am sooooo jealous. What an awesome opportunity, even though as a cubs fan i don’t like the brewers :yikes: , congratulations Will!

What about the NHL! Sorry im Canadian :slight_smile:

The trick is to just ASK! Our local sports teams have been awesome about helping FIRST. We have had great success with the Phillies and Sixers. (see pictures) Maybe we’ll go for the Flyers this year! Love the NHL.





Very Cool!

Even the Flyers have some great PR people. We got them to agree to donate a lot of Flyers mechandise for us to use in future fundraising events.

Very cool to see a FIRSTer throw the first pitch!


Ahem. :stuck_out_tongue:

Adding to the Flyers generosity and connections with FIRST, I believe it was 1218 who had hockey sticks on their robot donated by the Flyers.




Man, Will always gets to be cool. I’m so jealous.

This just got a little out of hand. The NHL and the paintball league were OK, but the USA Curling is too far. LOL