pic: FIRST pumpkin carving


It took me 4 hours to get this far. I am not quite done, and I will upload a picture of the final product once I am finished.

That looks cool! I tried to make a Desperate Penguin pumpkin last night, but I accidentally cut off the eyeballs so now it kinda looks more like abstract art…

wow, it looks like there’s a lot of hard work in there… It’s beautiful

That is definitely an inspiring pumpkin!
Can’t wait to see the finished product!!

I found this to be useful: you can reattach peices you have accidentally cut off using two toothpicks. just make sure both peices are wet and it will stick with without sliding too much.

At first glance it looks like the year 1983. Like the year I was born. Kinda funny. That’s a fantastic masterpiece you’re working on there.

thats so cool… i have never been much of a carver! xD

Looks really sweet now, just wish you could get the light to come through the numbers as well, then it would be really nifty.

Somehow I new someone would do this. If I was more artistically talented it would have been me.

i did one last year
here it is http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/25787

Now I’ve got a great idea for regional give-a-ways! Better bring your trash bags!

LOL, awsome!:slight_smile:

I see myself, a pumpkin with my team number, and 4 fingers by the end of next halloween … :slight_smile: