pic: FIRST (pun intended) Cubify Print!

Our FIRST (ha) print on the brand new Cubify Cube 3D Printer from FIRST Choice! Pretty cool little thing.

Can hardly wait for ours. We’ve used 3D last year thanks to a mentor’s home printer. Will be nice to give students greater access.

I wish we had one. We do not get ours for like a few months.

They’re super neat; ironically, while I’ve used them in my robotics class (which uses Mindstorms and Tetrix components), we have yet to find anything for this year’s FRC robot that would be a good application. :slight_smile:

We’ve been using our 3D printers for some small electronics applications (a better LED ring mount, a latch for a cover, that kind of thing).

Part of what’s holding us back is that we haven’t had a chance to do any kind of stress testing for different objects with different fills and shell settings. It’ll probably end up turning into an offseason research project, but we’ve been very happy with our printers and the quality of parts they’ve made so far.

Sounds about right.