pic: FIRST puzzle book page?

It’s a 3D FIRST wordsearch. I think it turned out kind of neat. It’s a little mind boggling when you first look at it. Words can crawl down the stairs in either direction, go across the top of one layer of blocks, diagonally on the sides of a row, or across the front of one layer.

I had some other words that I couldn’t fit because I didn’t have enough space for them. Sorry if it’s a little big, but if it gets much smaller it looks really confusing.

I have other FIRST themed puzzles I’ve made too. Need to do something while waiting for machines to be free.

[EDIT] Forgot to add that there’s two bonus words not listed on the top [/EDIT]

I saved it to my computer and will be much fun when I am trying to find things more fun to do than studying.

OK, I got a quick question…

Are the stairs going up to the right or invertedly down to the left? :wink:

You’ve made my head hurt by looking at that… I don’t dare stay up even later working on this thing… Looks good. :slight_smile:


that is cool
now i just to think aobut it (its a bit early in the morning at the moment (9am)

Gracibs Professionalism … thats not on the list. What’s my prize? :slight_smile:

“gracibs” isn’t a word, is it? Professionalism is in there though, as well as torn. That may not be the word you were looking for, but it is there. Also, I found an error. One of the spaces acts as a D and an O. It is the D in award and the O in inventor and those words are no where else in the puzzle. So I’m done, when do we get the next one?

EDIT: TriplePlay is also in the puzzle.

now this is an assignment that should be done tomorrow to keep my mind of my ib english oral

don’t stare at it too long though --makes u’r eyes hurt

have fun searching for word everyone!! i found a few :slight_smile:

Okay now that build is over I can reply again.

I definitely mixed up O’s and D’s in a few places. I had to trace the puzzle in black so my scanner would pick it up, and I must not have been paying attention. Not sure how I mixed up O and B, but I went and photoshopped it to fix the mistakes. If anyone wants a corrected version let me know. :slight_smile: I also have an octagonal word search, a hexagonal wordsearch, an isometric word search, and a few fill-in puzzles, logic puzzles, and mazes (all FIRST themes of course) if anyone is interested.

Allison K

PS - A cookie for Joel J. and tkwetzel next time I see them at a competition, since they found the bonus words even with mistakes. :slight_smile:

PPS - To MR. Toast - I kind of like invertedly down to the left myself, but I always see up to the right first.

girl i have been asking you for weeks and i still dont see any more puzzels in my hands and guess cas of that im not going to us periods :smiley:

  1. I have to find the time to trace them in black so I can scan it in, the scanner won’t pick up the pencil. I’ll work on it in the next few days.

  2. Spell check. It’ll get you in trouble with some others if you don’t use it. (Not everyone can decipher Smithisms)

  3. Grammar and punctuation, because the iguanas will get you if you don’t. :wink:

  4. Does anyone have any ideas for FIRST themes I can make into puzzles? One I had was FIRST people (Woodie, Dean, the past WFA winners, etc.).


Teams that won Nationals?

UFH Winners!

Kit Parts!