This is pretty cool, I think the world champions should get rings, nothing to fancy like professional sports get, but I think it would be cool to get something like that.



These rings are available from Jostens if your school has a Jostens ring program. check it out at www.jostens.com

you can customize the ring anyway you want!
the FIRST logo is new this year :smiley:

Yeah 1923!

I have the FIRST logo on my class ring as well, and it looks as great in the design program as it does in real life:



The FIRST logo is not new to Jostens-- just new to their book. Last year, I called and got it- it was given only by request, but I guess they got so many requests they included it this year!

NOW we know we’re changing the culture, one FIRSTer at a time!

they also added it to the book this year due to the 10+ emails and letters from various member from my team sent the sales reps.

I have to say that is pretty darn cool.
that whole “championship ring” idea is pretty good but that would be pretty expensive for a whole team to get rings

Very nice ring. Mine is very similar, the only difference is i have a falcon rather than a knight and I choose not to have a year going over the stone.

Wait, by “book” do you mean yearbook or just something pertaining to the ring program? My school only does Jostens yearbooks, and it’d be great to get the FIRST logo as a design for those if that were possible. There are people on my team who would die for that :smiley:

True, i’d totally have to agree with that. :]

thats really cool, if I had known about this earlier I may of spent the money to buy a ring :S

By “the book” he means the catalog.
Although, call them! Ask them if they can do it for a yearbook! If they know people are interested, they just might.

that would be sweet

They just like Libby more than me…
I tried to make the request but they weren’t very helpful. :frowning:
I think I’m getting mine remade!

Ha ha Zara…I was smart and waited! But I’m definitely getting one now! That was like the one reason I didn’t get one last year. FIRST, Eagle Scout- those are the two big things of my high school career, and now I’ve got both!

You know what! I didn’t have the option to wait… my mom is OBSESSED with class rings and was so excited to design mine, that I had to order then. I’m remaking mine so i have it back for graduation.

My school follows this whole tradition of ring turns, but now i know what jerk cough Graham cough who WON’T be one of my 108 turns (or however many I’m supposed to do). :cool:

Zara- I called Jostens and mentioned that I had heard they used the logo before (here on CD, someone posted last year that they got it through Jostens). It wasn’t named as the FIRST logo, but I described the logo to them, and after about a day, they came back to me with it.

It took a lot of nudging (and just a little bit of name-dropping), but they let me have it on my ring, and assured us it would be in the book, since they had heard from so many teams.

Yay! :slight_smile:

Go Libby for the :little name dropping: that may have pushed them over the edge! Props to you girl!!!
And thanks to this post and people saying Jostens had it, I looked and now am going to get a ring =) Yes, I’m about 2 or 3 years late in ordering it, but who cares :smiley: FIRST ftw!!!

All the descriptions in the world couldn’t help me… I even e-mailed them a picture of it because their competitor, Balfour, was offering it and I, too, had heard they had it somewhere. :frowning: But, alas, they were less than helpful and I will be using my one remake to get it on there cause I no longer do cheerleading… :rolleyes:

“little name-dropping”… :stuck_out_tongue: