pic: FIRST Robots: Behind the Design (Cover)

This is the cover of the FIRST book on robot design that is coming out at the Championship.

What team’s robot is that?

the large mecanum drive shown is commonly known as the Jester drive on the team “Royal assault”. I beleive 357 is their number.

Mhm, 357

Hey! Our team picture is on the book cover!:cool:

The wheels on the cover page are on the wrong direction. But it looks good, where will this be available?


one of the pictures has the numbers 418 on it

Amazon.com, and also it was announced that it will be available for purchase in Atlanta as well.

Another has the X-Cats in it.

Looks like Team 225 made it!
'06 NJ Regional - Innovation in Control

I see a glimpse of our control board!

This could be for the delphi award probably.

By gosh by golly - you are right.

Thank you Joe Matt, for helping me ‘see’ it.

VERY Full size image available here btw:

As for my assesment of what’s in the pictures as follows left to right & top to bottom:

Row 1: Autocad drive train layout > Omniwheel > Globe Motor mounted > Circuit board layout > Autocad Cheese holes > Dewalt drill motor mounted > Omniwheel

Row 2: CMU Camera mount box sketch > (maybe my team’s) Pneumatic Skyway wheel mounted (for our turret drive?) > Orange Poly cord ball feeder system> Frame layout Sketch > Team 418’s bot > Drive train with Right angle gear mesh > Chain drive > Skyway Hub

Row 3: Globe motor ball drive sketch > Team 225’s bot > Solidworks sketch (with gridlines turned on :stuck_out_tongue: ) > 2 speed drive system > Drill motor > POOF BALLS!! > IFI Logo > Gears > Green Poly cord ball feeder system

Row 4: Turret > Gear drive chalk board sketch > Velocity Calculations > Random PWM and motor wires > Operator Control box > Team 191 > AutoCAD or ORCAD Electrical schematics.

And then Royal Assault’s (mirrored image) Chassis.

That’s some quality stuff right there.

32 images, 30 teams. Who’s in??? I guess we’ll find out soon enough. :slight_smile:

Here is an example of the book contents - 2 of the 10 pages on Team 357.

As I get additional examples from the publisher, I’ll share them with Chief Delphi readers. My intent is to share some images of the work to better help teams strengthen their submissions for the 2007 book. As you can see, clear images are a must-have, and the images need to be of the creative aspects of the design. Since teams will start winning awards next week, these pages should give an idea of the type of images to gather if you want to make it into the 2007 edition of the book.

The book is now listed on Rockport’s website, complete with Stephanie’s bio and a link back to Chief Delphi.
FIRST Design Book at Rockport Publishers web site

Students could take a copy of the web page to their school librarian and ask the librarian to get a copy. There are certainly a number of other robot books out there in addition to this one that could be requested to update a school’s collection of robot materials in the library.

Cheers – Vince

P.S. Just to be in the open on this - Neither Stephanie nor I am are getting any commission or kick-back based on book sales. While the publisher did pay us a modest sum to assemble the book, Stephanie and I do not financially benefit by the book’s sales performance.

My goal is to help teams better understand the book so that they can assemble strong submissions for the next issue. The more that FIRST teams and others support the project, the better the chances are this project to expand FIRST.

These are my personal views on the process and plans.

I am on vacation from work today and as such this post is not a conflict of interest between the day job and the FIRST hobby. Updating the Chief Delphi community is a lot more fun than shoveling snow (which I should be doing).


Amazon is selling this book for $26.39. If it is available at the Championship in April, do you know if it will it be at a discounted price or the list price of $39.99?

I’m unsure of the details for Championship sales, as well as amazon’s discounting practices. I can keep you posted on the details as I discover them.

FIRST should put a link to the Amazon page on their website… then wouldn’t they get 5 or 10% of the price if you purchase through their link. That money could help fund the next book.

OR maybe I should put it on my team’s site…hmmmmm?

Mr. Wilczynski,

Thanks for the information!

I think you should sign up for an Amazon Associates program.

Post a link with your affiliate link. I would be the first to click and buy the book so you get some kind of compensation for your hard work.

Thank you for taking the time to do this for all the FIRST teams!

Surely, your work is worth something so you and Stephanie will continue to keep working on this project for many years to come.


The turret at the bottom left reminds me of 190’s turret from last year.