pic: FIRST Safety Shirt

Will trade for team shirt

In Atlanta?

I want it!!!
do you only have one?

I’ll trade you one of ours(1557):smiley:

Oh my goshh! that is amazing, you will be in atlanta, i will be at the FRC part on Saturday, i will try to get a team shirt, you wouldn’t mind an FTC shirt, i will be driving our FTC bot! Well I’m on the FTC team captain and a jr. member on the FRC Bedford Express… anyway! that shirt is amazing!:ahh:

i saw these at cleveland and thought they were sweet. any chance i could order one off you guys. unfortunately our team wont be at atlanta.

I absolutely loved this shirt at Palmetto! Whenever in the stands, I always looked out for you guys wearing these. Very cool effect!

i also would love to trade for one of these its amazing

I really like that shirt. I’d love to trade, but I won’t be at the Championship this year. ):

That shirt is straight pimpin will def try to find you and trade a shirt for

I love this shirt! I will look for you in Atlanta and I think i can hook you up with one of our shirts :slight_smile:

Maybe someone on our team can find you in Atlanta and trade one of our safety shirts for one of yours. Too bad it’s not a brighter color though… :slight_smile:

FYI, I wear an XL.


I’m not going to Atlanta this year but I’d still love to trade. Can we work something out offline? We can trade via mail.

not true or else I’d be blind!

I will have 12 Safety shirts a the Championship. 6 L’s and 6 XL’s.
First come, first served. Only one shirt per team #.

I’m not interested in one of those shirts, but I will trade a Rosie shirt for a THRUST shirt.

I’ll mail you a 964 shirt for one of those. We won’t be in ATL. Ours isn’t catchy or anything, but still, thought I’d offer.