pic: FIRST Team 1501 T.H.R.U.S.T. presents our 2010 robot, Dee Bomb

Our robot is dedicated to the memory of Dee Henline. Rest in Peace

I like the ramp for getting the 3rd bot balanced.

Another year, another BEAUTIFUL 1501 robot.

There’s a lot of cool stuff to like here. The shooter chain reduction and run is pretty mind blowing to me. I’m guessing the sloped surface is multi-functional, despite being as simple as a single piece of metal with some hidden way to actuate it.

Best of luck this year.

The slope surface does ramp up, ramp down and serves as a landing platform for other bots. Once again a coll bot from the minds of 1501.

When you see Chris ask him about how #25 chain can fly apart and smack you in the face.

Awesome looking machine. That chain up top must be fun to watch at shooter speeds.


Confirmed: It’s a new rivet record!

(best read in a Tom Carnegie voice)

Can’t wait to see it in person at BMR.

Looks fun. It is very “riveting” (as usual).

That chain up top must be fun to watch at shooter speeds

The chain does have a guard made for it. It’s just not on in this picture.
As Indy Sam said, when we had a the #25 chain on it would throw itself off at shooting speeds (3000 rpm :ahh: ). It threw it off three times and Chris caught it once with his face ::safety:: There wasn’t any damage done to the chain :smiley:

But how do you hang on the tower?

Just kidding, looks great!

Looks nice, loving the ramp to get the 3rd bot on the bridge!

Hahaha- guess you noticed the “2010” in the title too!

Looks great guys. Very slick and sleek!

What is this 2010 you speak of???

Thanks goodness for edit :smiley: