pic: FIRST Team 1501 Teaser #1

I wonder what this could be for?

They look like wheels that haven’t been fully machined. They have a nice groove for what looks like tread and something resembling a hub.

Could be totally off though.

Im guessing shooter wheels.

They look nice! Someone spent some time making those.


They’re for a team that isn’t 1501. There isn’t a single rivet hole in sight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I’ve gotta go with Brandon–and if that’s for one robot, looks like 2-axle, 4-wheel.

My first thought: subwoofers!

In all seriousness, I bet they are really flywheels for a shooter.

Their shiny thats for sure, someone spent some time on those puppies.

But yeah, fly wheels, but I’m guessing that their for 2 robots (Maybe a spare) 1 axle, 2 wheel.

my thoughts exactly… at least since 2010 and perhaps earlier they have always made two bots…

the only question I have is whether this is all of them and not just a single batch… maybe it is 4 wheels and there is another batch not shown?