pic: FIRST Team 1758: Master Chief

Our 2012 robot was named for one of our mentors from GE: Master Chief Pat Higgins who has been in a battle with cancer. This year, he’s looking good and is back to helping our students build robots.

This one won the Jack Kamen Imagery award at Palmetto and the Xerox Creativity award at North Carolina.

The “eyes” actually house the upper part of the ball pickup motors.

Oh yeah, thanks Mr. Wells… We will miss you.

When they announced your robot on the field, one of my students said “Master Chief is here?!?!?! WHERE!?!?!” I had to inform him that it was the ladybug on the field.

Speaking of “Master Chief”, who’s ready for the release of HALO 4?

Release date of HALO 4
[spoiler]November 6, 2012. Please don’t derail this thread any further than I have.:o [/spoiler]

We are…

Always a great looking robot. Hope to see you at SCRIW II.

Great looking robot! I guess there is a shooter under that ladybug shell?

BTW, I am glad to see that FRC is doing well in Florence, SC. I graduated from WFHS in the year 7B8 (HEX) – in those days nerdy kids like me had to content ourselves with other activities, like marching band, yearbook, chess club, and fixing the 16mm projectors in the back room of the library. Times are changin’ for the better. :slight_smile:

Hey Richard,
Wow, small world! You must have been in one of the first classes to graduate from West Florence.

We have students from South, West, and Wilson so it’s a total Florence effort. The shooter is on the back side.

Maybe we will get to seen the Average Joes in person sometime. Just not this year…

Josh, we will see you guys in Columbia this Fall.