pic: FIRST Team#1796 w.Dean K

Sweet picture! Out of curiousity, where was this taken, because I see a robot and I see some pit structures in the background, but I also see a lack of safety glasses :eek: ::safety:: Even ol’ Dean is missing his pair, so it makes me wonder where on earth this would have been.

probably after competition in the pits. That or Dean is wearing his magical invisible safety goggles.

This photo was taken on Saturday in our team pit. The competition was still going strong, and if you look closely all of our members have safety glasses on. As for Dean, I can only hope he has special ANSI certified reading glasses!All in all, it was an exciting moment for the students on the team!

That, and invisible side shields.

Great picture. It was a pleasure forming an alliance with your team and 3017.

Best wishes for the rest of the season, and I expect to see a picture of your team cutting down the net at SBPLI!

cute girls! 8-D

Thanks so much! Your team was awesome to work with both on the field and in the stands. Sorry we couldn’t take it all the way. Best of luck to you and your team in your upcoming MAR District Event!