pic: First time with CAD 2

I was inspired by RC from 1323 to start learning SolidWorks. I started tutorials and stuff last night and I made this wheel to practice the patterns tool and to develop really nice renders. This is what I came up with. Note that the wheel was not made to be used. Its 6" x 2" btw. Last pic, I swear

that is one beautiful wheel, add some traction and you are ready to go.

I’m searching for some red rough top Nitrile. Thanks btw. =)

Red might be tough but you can get black roughtop. Or you could always use some type of linotex tread that is red. It also has an even higher coF

Sent you a link,


Nice CAD, the tutorialsuploaded on the site are helping. lol.

Definitley helped. I finished that tread I was thinking of.


Looks like you’re picking it up real quick!

btw, am I imagining things, or is the perspective backwards? (ie the front of the wheel should look larger than the back, not as it is now)

I’m not sure how solidworks does it, but in Inventor the default 3d view is some sort of parallel view rather than an accurate 3d perspective.

That wheel is in Orthographic view, instead of Perspective. Different designers prefer different views.

yea it’s real easy to change this in solid works, and it becomes kinda unsettleing in larger parts and assemblies. But, it’s almost required for doing any acutal geometry or sketches if you want to refrence edges correctly.

We were taught by our robotics teacher and mentor to work with orthographic projections…so I didn’t really notice any difference.

Yeah. For sketches and working with small parts, I don’t mind it. But I CANNOT work with it in an assembly of >4 parts… It just bugs me too much. I’m a spatial thinker, so seeing CAD in perspective makes me happy. :slight_smile:

Square inside corners make me cringe.

I agree with Art–try to get rid of the sharp corners in the triangular material savers, especially those nearest the center. Stress will concertrate in those corners and could result in fracture. Always use blends whenever possible.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. =) Appreciate it.

I finished the red tread pattern. I think it turned out pretty nice. Comments welcome


That’s a public link, you can view without logging in.

Your the man akash, way to pick it up fast. Hope to see a sick drivetrain soon???:ahh:

I still have to learn a lot before I can post up a decent drawing of that concept I told you about. :cool:

Could you post the picture here on CD? Since I’m not at home, work doesn’t allow viewing of Facebook pages. Access is usually blocked by most corporate and school servers to places like YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, etc.

Thank goodness they don’t block CD!!!