pic: FIRST veterans knowledge needed. What kind of motors are these?

I got these motors at one of the FIRST give-aways they have up in Manchester at FIRST HQ after the season is done.

I don't recognize these motors, and they have no visible markings except a few numbers here and there on some of them.

I was wondering if any of you FIRST veterans can give me any nfo on these, or point me in the right direction to find info about them?


The two on the left I believe are the small Johnson Electric motors. I think we got one in the kit each year through 2002. I have never seen one used on a robot. I’m guessing the third one from the left is an older year Johnson Electric motor. And the far right is a Fisher Price, can’t tell on the year though.

You can tell between the current and last years FP motors by looking at the fan through the vent holes. It might be hard if you don’t have two to compare or haven’t done this check before, but last year’s motor had square edged fan blades while this year’s has chamfered edges. The fan blades on last year’s are also slightly darker. Like I said before, it helps to compare to a current one.

I believe the motor to the far left was called the Mitsubishi motor. It was included in the 2002 kit of parts, but then dropped because they were useless.

I think you mean Mabuchi. Yes, I remember a really small one called the Johnson ad another really small one called the Mabuchi.

if i remember right the Johnson motor was like an orange block that had a single output shaft on it and the motor kinda built into the block. Ill try to dig up photos and see what i fiind…

[edit]ok so i checked around and did some research and the orange box that i was thinking of is the Belimo “torgue” motor. All i have found on the Johnson electric motors is that are 40 watt motors. Elgin are there any ratings on the motors you have pictured. [/edit]

[edit 2] ok so i finally have completed going through all 15 pages of threads in the motor forum and i found one post by Dr. Joe (thanks alot) from 2 years ago that he posted the spec sheets for the 2002 Johnson motor on. That thread is here. I hope this helps somewhat. [/edit 2]

[edit 3] ok on the last page all the way near the bottom Dr. Joe also had 2 threads that were about the mabuchi motor. This One shows a motor spec sheet for that motor, while This one was between Dr. Joe and Paul Copioli about how the Mabuchi motor might just be the same as the fisher price motor. [/edit 3]

I believe:
We got a small Johnson motor in the kit in 2002.

The FP motor is actually a Johnson or Mabuchi motor (we’ve had both in the past). So when someone says “The Mabuchi motor” they could really be reffering to the FP.

I’m trying to think…
The FP from 2002 was a Mabuchi.
The FP from 2003 was a Johnson and it was MUCH more powerful than the previous Mabuchi.
The FP from 2004 was a Johnson, but it’s specs were similar to the Mabuchi from 2002 and wasn’t quite as powerful.

Any motor wizzes out there remember differently?


FIRST recently took the 2002 documents off their site. Too bad really. :frowning:

Ok… cool… This helps a lot.

I have multiples of all of these motors, and some of them have the Mabuchi logo on them. Thanks for the Excel file Mike. I knew that logo looked familiar.

Anyways. I do have some numbers on these.

From left to right:

  1. RS-360SH
    Think I found that motor on Mabuchi’s website HERE

  2. 883253 or 883243
    (Some kind of logo is on the top-side near the output shaft and on the bottom near the slots for the leads.) I don’t think it is a Mabuchi logo.

  3. 38600
    (Some kind of logo is on the top-side near the output shaft and on the bottom near the slots for the leads.) I don’t think it is a Mabuchi logo.

  4. 74440-0640
    (Mabuchi Logo) TB071903

Ok… Now I know what kind of motors these are, anybody know the stats on them? I’m assuming these are all 12 volt (DC?) motors??

Sorry for the questions, I am unfamilar with motors in general, I just know the ones we use nowadays.

I went to the Muabuchi website and did a product search, but none of these seem to be on there. Interesting…

Maybe they were retired and are no longer used by Mabuchi as well??

The far right seems to be the 2002 (Mabuchi) Fisher Price Motor, with the spec sheet here. Other then that i really couldnt give you some info off hand. What year “yard sale” did you get these from FIRST at.

Yeah, the good old days of Mitsubishi.

FIRST had another useless motor called the “Torque Motor” (i.e. It is probably an Indiana Ghetto-linguicized version of the Mitsubishi Motor). It had the torque of my left pinkie and made one rotation every 60 seconds when geared down. The motor, including the gear box, was the size of an altoids pack. The motor itself would make an RC look proud.

Back then (it was 2001, and I was a freshman then), the main “mechanics” advisor called it “Speedy”, a fairly accurate name given the description above. I had an idea for it to lift a sign, starting from the beginning of the match, that said either “Go 461” or “Schlumberger, DePuy, Purdue University, WLCSC”, etc. [sponsor’s names]. Some of those motors, though, were before my time.

Ok, searching Google and finding THISpost by Paul Copioli and reading the info there lead me to find this website:


Apparently that 4th motor was an old drill motor from the kit, but from a Harbor Freight Drill!?!?!

Anybody have info on the other two motors? Number 2 and 3?

Oh, btw… Dez, I think it was the 2001 or 2002 FIRST Giveaway I got these at.
Can’t remember… Have to rack my brain and remember. lol

There are many Mabuchi RS-550 motors. What you have to careful with is the suffix: PH or HS. They are different.