pic: FIRSTChatters

Was this right before the webhug?

/me tries not to feel left out…

Okay, who wants to photoshop me in? Roho? Mich?

Oh goodness I look like I am in pain. What is it with all the emo Kelli pics this year?
Tim- It was after the webhug

Hey, Daisy, I was actually IN atlanta the next day!!!

[yeah, surprise y’all!]

I wanna be in that! Someone work some photoshop magic!

One of these years I’ll make it in that picture… hasn’t happened yet… but this is the first Atlanta I’ve missed

*Darn United, Northwest, and Delta for making me miss the picture. Now I have to come back next year…

Aw man! I missed that. But I was at the web hug! It was a blast too!

That was great fun being able to see everybody in person. We must do this again next year.

It was great seeing everyone again!! I miss atlanta so much…except for the fact that my nose is really sunburnt. And that its actually warmer up here in Canada than it was there yesterday. See everyone next year!!!

It’s kinda funny but when you click on the related pics of “cdchat” you never really get pics of the whole current chatters group of the time.

I guess real life immitates the chats themselves where there is never one night where **every **person who chats with us is present.

None-the-less this was one of the few highlights personally of this weekend for me… It was great to forget the stress of the competition and the general weekend’s craziness for a few minutes, where the only stress involved at the moments this pic was taken was to make sure your camera was in the pile for taking this group of shots, and it was great to see everyone again, or for the first time in person.

Can’t wait till FIRSTChatters pic '08. :slight_smile:

It’s also really interesting to see how much the group changes–the new additions and people who have become too busy to participate.

I, too, cannot wait for next year’s chat pic! :slight_smile:



Too bad I was too busy queuing FVC teams to make it in time for that picture. :frowning:

HAHAHAHA that was sooo funny. I’d also like to give a shoutout out to the FIRST Fruits FLL team.

It was great going over to their pits and expecting to see a fruit theme with apples, oranges, bananas, and what not… and then finding something completely different.

For the record, it was a team from a Baptist school, and the fruits that it was referring to was fruit of thy womb or something like that. It was more of a religious theme than a actual fruit theme.

I guess that just showed some of us never to judge a team or a book by it’s cover and don’t expect only one thing out of something. :stuck_out_tongue: