pic: FIRST'rs unite on the streets of Boston!

This is me, Jake (from team #382 in Ohio), and some of his friends enjoying the weather at a nice Cafe on Newbury St. in downtown Boston.

Northeastern University is awesome…I as u can see we (erin and my friends) are having a blast. Not only is NEU #1 in Co-ops, championship winning FIRST team, but its in one on of the best cities in the nation…ALL juniors should mos def check this school out. Oh…and IM me if ur going to NEU, or Erin, she is awesome…

Hope to see ya’ll at the blitz!:smiley:

whahoo! :smiley:

lol, the weekend with Jake was a lot of fun… (spent too much money though, haha) I love showing new people around town… for those of you who register for the Blitz, i’ll have to send you the “Day in the Life of Erin Boston Sarcasm Tour” map… be prepared to do a lot of walking, Jake will attest to that (it had to be at least 10 miles… but it was worth it. Free Sheryl Crow Concert!! Whahoo!)

see? I’m not the only one who thinks NEU and Boston Rocks!



Day In The Life Of Erin Boston Sarcasm Tour Map: