pic: Fishing for cables

this is why we win all our matches by capping. 6 balls capped beats hanging

Looks cool, but is the hook end touching outside the playing field?

well did you catch any?

Since when do you guys hang?!?!

evidently not today

Since when do you guys hang?!?!

They don’t…they might get lucky if they snag a bar up in the air though :wink:

So that’s what happened to the video feed! j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHHAH i have almost the same exact picture that i took, i was like…did tytus go onto my computer…oh wait no, mine is a little darker.

no we dont hang we have a hook just so we can look cool and get stuck on tings with. Please Guys Don’t post Obvius redundent or frivlous things they clutter the forums and dosent make anyone happy.

anyhoo… we are redesing the hook system by motorising and making it more controlamle. and seing as how were the only team from palm beach county. Were naming it Chad

funny, but im sorry you guys really live in the past. That was four years ago…

lol…i might have to attend all of your matches just to hear the announcer say the phrase ‘hanging chad’