pic: Five way pushing match

When 4656 (Rock Solid) decided to start blocking 2169’s (KING TeC) full court shooting, 4607 (CIS) jumped in to push 4656 out of the way.
2501 came to 4656’s aid and pushed them back in.
2977 felt left out and hopped over to help try to clear up 2169’s path again.

There was one blue robot that was the sole robot still running around shooting frisbees, and 2169 gave up on full court shooting soon after this picture was taken.

The carpet was none too happy with the pushing match either. Those robots left streaks all the down that side of the field and left quite a few burn marks from the wheels.

That poor ref…


I dont know the score for sure but im pretty sure red won. Also its great to see our friends 4607 added a third and fourth CIM to their drivetrain after north star and were able to win many pushing matches

3539 caught in the middle of a 5-way pushing match. I’m not really sure how this came about, but we were became pinned by two blue robots, then the other two bots on our alliance decided to add their weight to the pile. I think that they were all squeezing our bot, because our frame and bumpers were bent inwards after that.

I’m afraid I don’t recall the score, and I don’t believe we have a record readily available from the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) tournament.

I do believe that the red alliance with 2169 still won, though they didn’t get quite as many frisbees as they typically did.

Haha that’s great, reminds me of one of our qualification matches, I was watching it again through a Video, and realized that for most of the match you could only see our robot. As the other 5 where all in the corner… The funniest part is I didn’t even notice that was going on in the match as driver cause I was just going back and forth scoring hAhaha

Possibly the best picture I’ve seen all year.

Poor 4811 must have felt left out in this match. They weren’t able to join in on the fun of a robot-train.

Who won this pushing match?

I don’t know who won the pushing match, but it was probably red, because they won the overall match 82-3

I remember this match :slight_smile: but yes, red did win by a little

I can sympathize with a bent frame, but if your bumpers were bent, you might not have make them right. :slight_smile:

Little kids playing soccer…or a typical Lunacy match. Ah, memories. :cool:

Well, I’ll be sobbing in my corner. Thanks… Jerk.

We have an aluminum frame on the inside of our bumpers made out of 2" by 1" by 1/8" aluminum angle. This sits on top of our bumper mounts and has holes for threaded rods where we put the wingnuts that hold the bumpers on. When we get hit hard, particularly in the front where the bumpers have less support, our bumpers will flex inward. The plywood springs back but the aluminum frame stays bent.

If the plywood became bent I’d be worried.

O I C - we have minimal metal on our bumpers. Nothing like some deformed metal to give a new appreciation for Hook’s Law. Also for riveted frame members that can be replaced without tricky extraction and welding.