pic: Flipped NEO Gearbox in Tube WCD Chassis

This chassis takes advantage of the NEO motor’s short length.

Geared for 13.9 fps free speed. Can be adjusted up to 18.3 fps by just changing the gears.

CAD Link


OK… now this. This is actually insane.

Yeah that’s gonna be a no from me dog.

:ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

What scares me the most is that this is legitimately feasible…
Where’s the trinity motor version :stuck_out_tongue:

You could run the frontmost belt in the tube with this setup no problem.

There’s a lot to explore here. Generally not a huge fan of the kind of pocketing you have to do for gear clearance with these types of boxes, but the concept has a lot going for it.

This is the kind of stuff I was looking forward to once I heard about these motors. The profile allows for so much more, including making an even smaller kit-bot! Hopefully those curves come out soon.

Unless you have significantly more pocketing in the bottom, this specific design is not able to be put together, and there should definitely be some concerns about the frame bending without any other material added.

This is where FRC design gets really exciting.

Just a newb question: how does one insert the gear into the tube? It looks like the pocket I can see is too small to allow the circumference of the gear to drop into it.

Or dont pocket at all by useing 3x1 instead of 2x1

This is really intriguing, the Neo (should the motor curves and battle testing support it), is looking to be quite the next innovation in FIRST.

While I can`t be certain by just looking at the photo, my guess would be that the pocket on the bottom of the rail is large enough to slide the gear in from the bottom.

I don’t have the cad but I would assume they mill a large slot in the bottom of the frame to insert the whole gear. If the upper slot was the same size of the lower slot you wouldn’t be able to fit it in there… well unless you were some metal god or really good at squeezing and reshaping steel by hand :rolleyes:

Or through dentistry. Pull a few gear teeth, insert the gear, then weld them back on. :]

But seriously, cool concept. When I saw the size of the NEO, I was thinking of something similar to the KoP sandwich with the motors inside the wheel well and the belts and/or gears inboard.

It is geared for 13.9 fps free speed. The whole thing should be quite light overall.

Here is the cad for people to check out.
CAD Link

This was the initial approach and what is shown in the picture, I have since moved the motors and gear up for better ground clearance and the gear is inserted from the top. Much like 5803’s gearbox in tube designs. If you download the CAD it will be the updated version.

It’s 25 chain on VexPro sprockets. It’s kind of difficult to tell with the amount of detail I put in the model and the color. It could definitely go in the tube.

Started going down this rabbit hole yesterday as well. The size of the NEO makes for some very awesome space saving opportunities. Thanks for sharing this!

One other thing to consider would be to use plates for the gearbox and have it go slightly above the tube. You can actually mount the motors super close to the top of the tube (motor center 1/2" above the tube) and have the final gear sit up above them, then chain down to the wheels. This preserves the strength of your drive tubing (the pocket really compromises it in that section) and makes service or iteration much easier, without really taking up that much more usable space. You could even stash the motors above a wheel and direct drive if you preferred. Lots of fun to be had here.

THERE’S SO MUCH ROOM FOR ELECTRONICS! Definitely had the same thoughts when we saw the NEO, really cool to see it fleshed out. I’d actually point to our 2017 CAD, since it’s more similar to what you’re showing (single stage reduction with small wheels).

For those worried about the pocketing clearance to insert the gears being a weak point, we’ve been doing it for 2 years and haven’t had any issues. Realistically nowadays if you build solid bumpers and you have a reasonable belly plan to help distribute the load, those pockets rarely see any of the external forces. Both of those robots had more significant pocketing than what’s shown here, and both were put through a lot (100+ matches, over 20 hours of time on the practice bot, and a few falls from the scale rung) and we never had mechanical problems. The pocketing would not be a concern for me. This looks pretty slick.

On additional advantage is the NEO has the motor leads already coming out the side of the case, so no need to worry about wire bend radius here. Some serious packaging benefits to consider.

This is some really cool stuff! Nice!

I know this was a rough pass but don’t forget about supports every 8 inches! We may have forgot about this until our very first inspection last year… ::rtm::

what gear sizes are you using?

Both gears are 20DP, pinions are 11T and the big gears are 60T.