pic: FLL 2017

Lego model of FRC team 118

This is pretty neat. Are you planning on doing any other highly photogenic robots?

Uhh I’m going to need to see your BOM…

Change up the colors a bit and you get 195. Great minds think alike.

It looks like you’ve beat me to the punch with the LEGO models. My model of 254 hit a rather severe bump in the road.

Any chance of an instruction manual for it? I want one :smiley:


Build Instructions for the 118 model as well as two of my other FRC LEGO models can be found here:

The part list for each model can be found at the end of the instructions.

Note: The program I was using (LEGO Digital Designer) did not have part 368001 or part 4540203. Both of these parts are used to allow the turret to rotate. Replace the 2x2 plate on step 92 with the above parts this will allow the turret head to swivel. As well I colored the bricks with a gold Sharpie to mimic the 118 color scheme.