pic: FLL summer camp

This is a picture from Team 22’s FLL summer camp. I had a great time mentoring kids and so i decided to post a picture of some of the kids and three of us mentors having fun.

=). is that a 188 jersey being worn back there? maybe the kids have now heard of a place called Canada ;). Beautiful work guys. 22’s always a model of good graces in FIRST and teaching the next generation, during what is supposed to be “summer vacation”? Great!

Look forward to you guys coming back.

great job…we just held our S.P.A.M. lego camp this week…it was a lot of fun… kids did a pretty good job for building and programming for the past 5 days…

looks like you all had some fun which is great!

Yea camp was great or still is. We tought the younger kids lego programming and the older kids Edu.

Yea thats a 188 jersey.

I never thought of havinng one camp for kids of different ages and teach 2 different things. Good idea. We held our Science spectrum camp a month ago. It looks like you guys had a ton of fun.

i love mentoring at our summer camps because it gives me something better to do over the summer, and t gets all these kids interested in robotics.

(that was a team 188 jersey…=) )