pic: Florida FTC Demo Bot

This is a 6 wheel Omni robot that I was asked to design by one of the FTA’s here in Florida for FTC. Its been an evolving design starting from using nothing but FTC parts to using one solid frame that will be waterjet and bent at a machine shop.

The purpose of the robot is to show students what can be done by using some of the extra materials that you are provided with in FTC. The design has gone through about 15 different versions all with their own unique differences.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or even suggestions! They will be sincerely appreciated.

  • Andrew

Is there any specific reason you are using 6 wheels instead of just 3?

How long until we can see the finished product?

The FTA already has a 3 wheels omni-bot. He wanted to do 6 just because it would be more fun I guess.

As for seeing it built. I should be sending out the parts tomorrow, as long as we finish the design review tonight. So within the week most likely :slight_smile:

  • Andrew

Hello everyone
i work on a mechatronic project on the omnidirectional wheels.
The omnidirectional robot has 5 wheels gone up on a pentagon.
During this project, i have to do all calculus(speed of the robot according to the speed of the other wheels (1)) for programming, design the robot using solidworks then do a simulation using Matlab/Simulink.

I have a problem to find the relation (1).
Please help me to start this project.

Thanks a lot…