pic: Florida Regional Sync Dance

I know of a few people who have video of our “Dance” but I don’t have any myself. I’ll see if I can get a link to it.

:smiley: that was so funny, we were waiting for our match to start and they started doing that, so then we started doing it:P

I was watching the webcast when they did that and wondering,

What odd dancing madness is going on there? :smiley:

Tyler, you guys have to put the Florida Regional on your dance card at some point. They dance and dance and dance but in real fun cool ways - not necessarily in typical regional ways that we are all used to seeing. It is one big party with amazing competition and awesome teams, not to mention their incredible volunteers.

The best part about the whole dance thing… was… it worked!!! :smiley:

The dance was effective 100% of the time… whenever we did the dance, the field would end up syncing.

George Wallace put it best. “It works like the Indian rain dance…They kept dancing until it rained.”

Barry- where do you get those umbrella hats?? i want one to go with my banna-hat(courtesy of 945)…:stuck_out_tongue:

If only all problems could be solveed by dancing! But there were very few feild problems during the regional, except once during practice rounds. Thank you all who helped make that run smoothly.:smiley:

This was a fun dance to do. The best part was when teams started to do it in the stands. I loved this regional, little things like this made it so much fun!