pic: Florida Teams Map

ok It took me a while But i fianly did it

Here are the florida first teams locations

awesome work, but why is our team in the middle of tampa bay? :stuck_out_tongue:

to answer your question… “Tytus made it”…

Great job tyty… atleast you put your time into it to do this for all of us… Thanks… :slight_smile:

“accuracy is not gaurinteed”

I just want to know if spelling is GUARANTEED :rolleyes:

How is there NOT a FIRST team in Baker, Florida?

Is there a FIRST team in St.Petersburg Fl?

there’s two…team 147, deep thunder, and my old team, heatwave (312).

nice job tytus – yeah i think u got ours just right so u’r accurancy of us is good–lol–can’t be picky anyways

enjoy y’all

Interesting to see that there’s no teams up in the pan handle. There’s also no teams near where I have relatives, Lee County.

well. nobody ever hears much about the panhandle. But there isn’t Much up there. Most teams exist in populated areas where technology-based companies exist The First Florida team ever was SigmaC@T 108 in Ft Lauderdale who is sponsored by Motorola. that started the spawn in Broward county. NASA(cape Canaveral) is directly adjacent to Bereaved county Separated By the Indian river and most people who work at NASA live there; Hence the Bereaved teams COMBBAT, and PINK. Orlando is home to Countless technologies companies University of Central Florida and The theme parks So lots of teams there. Tampa area is home to Raytheon (The Prominent Weapons contractor [they build stinger missiles and things like that]), Honeywell (the aerospace company), and Baxter health care. hence Thunder, Krunch, And Heatwave. Miami is heavily populated and naturally spawned teams. here in west palm beach (home of Pratt & Whitney [UTC] the JET/Rocket Engine company) we have My Teams Swampthing, And S.P.A.M. and that is the extent of my knowledge of Florida teams existence. if you know more, Please add

lol woot now who wants to take a road trip with me and visit everyone?

or should we start a team in key west first?

Nice work Tytus. Thanks. Horrah for theme park teams, The Mouse rocks the house!

Glad to see there is a team in Alachua County. At least when I go to University of Florida (If i get in), there is a team where I could help out or volunteer with.

I read the disclaimer. I just hope its accurate information. Oh yes, team 1068 is in more northwestern orange county than smack dab in the center in orlando.

Nice work Tytus thanks for the map. There is alot teams in Florida. We need to bring a championship home. Anyway good luck to all the Florida teams this comming year, everyone go to UCF regional.