pic: "Floridized" Kressley van

That’s another camera/team heard from. I need to pay wayyyyy more attention to where people disappear to in the future.

Some of those decorative additions look a lot like, dare we say it, ‘Moe Green’!

Sorry, Rich, just realized I spelled your name wrong.

And the MOE green is just a coincidence - there should have been another color prominent on the car…but my lips are sealed…

Really??? That’s Kressly’s car??
Not what I expected…

Well, I accidentally backed the Porche into the Lamborghini and they are both in the shop. :yikes:
Don’t you have something better to do like stare at water bottles, Sperber?

This is really terrible, but…

Would you say this van has been Florida Keyed? :yikes:

Someone had to say it. :slight_smile:

Better remember that in a year or so… Didn’t you get blocked in last year?

Yes, and those perpetrators have been dealt with accordingly :wink:


You must have been peeling off the label of the water bottle when you crashed the Porche!

The picture is here
This is becoming a tradition :rolleyes: