pic: FLR's Ringer Graveyard


They all had holes somewhere…

or got knifed

About how many matches worth of tubes are there? Because that could be costly…:ahh:

danggg that is a lot of tubes. I knew a few bots would pop the tubes but never knew this many would be popped wow.:ahh:

Apparently FIRST planned to go through alot of tubes (they have to be the flimsiest game piece FIRST has ever chosen) because at BAE I saw a huge pile of tubes. Espcially Keepers which tells me they plan to sacrafce them if they don’t come along willingly.

haha yeah i knew about the secret stash from Cromer and was tempted to get a few more for when we were practicing since we only had like 3 spoilers…but i didnt cause we had issues and had to bring the bot to the pits.

I heard the defense was very intense at FLR. Guess some of those ringers just were in the wrong place at the wrong time. :frowning:

Most of those ringers look fine to me… :confused:

I heard the FIRST average was 55 popped tubes a day.

well most of them are ones that were patched and ready to go for qual. matches. but we were told, no taped or fixed tubes for elims, so we had to keep those far away.

I really hope FIRST recycles these tubes or something, otherwise it’s going to be really bad for the environment…

Donate them to little kids for sledding.

/me whistles



But what about the popped ones?

nice lunch tray there matt!

These were all the tubes used in the qualifying matches at FLR. About 2-3 tubes were broken every 3 matches, and sometimes about 3 each match. Many of these tubes were tubes that were from BAE, and we patched them and used them before we used the stash meant for FLR. After Qualifying matches, Finals tubes have to be pure, as in they must be new and no patches with tape. We had 32 blue tubes at the beginning of Finals to use, and we ended up with 5 left over afterwards.

I have a tube with 25 patched holes that works like new. It took me forever to find them all.

That is both a good and bad idea at the same time. We have a hill in the back of our school and we decided to try the tubes out. They work perfectly as a sled but there is no way to really hold on to the tube. Also if you go over any small hill at the bottom of the hill you will fly into the air and smack onto the pavement and land into a puddle. (Atleast this is what happened to one person on our team.) They are really fun though as long as you ditch it before the bottom, or not if you don’t mind hitting the road.
And I know that in Pittsburgh they had crates full of new tubes so they definatly had alot to spare, and must have known that tubes would be popped or get worn out fast.

The holes can be as small as a pin hole. About 2 hours later when we were ready to deflate them all, it didn’t look like this, but more of a wrinkled tube yard.

And there are at least 20-30 more underneath all them that are completely deflated that you can’t see.

Boy, am I ever glad we decided not to use eggs as game pieces like I originally suggested…

They should be Cadbury Creme Eggs. Therefore the broken ones are much better and much more enjoyable to clean up.