pic: Flux Capacitor

Exactly what it says…

“Complements of Team 45 Technokats.”

I found this in my buddy Pincus’s room.

1.21 jiggawatts!?

heh, I guess you have the compact model…


we hid one on our robot this year, but it’s a little larger :wink:

omg dude are u sure the robots battery can power that??

No, they’ll have to use plutonium before the matches

i think there is a rule that you cant use plutonium but i may be wrong off to read the rules

if you run a cable from the plutonium in the truck to your pit, it might work

they would never know the difference

Except that Geiger counters would be going crazy thats a bit of a give away

isn’t that what the three foot thick wall of lead is for?

or titanium???

now i can go forward in time, see who wins the match and how, and re-play the match accordingly :slight_smile:

Duckie was supposed to get me a couple of those!!! Jersey keeps asking for them, right Mike?:wink:

I don’t think plutonium is explicitly made illegal in the rules … Of course there is some general rule that goes, don’t use things that can kill everyone at the competition. :smiley:

Wouldn’t the refs get mad at you for leaving flames behind your robot when it hits 88 feet per second?

According to the 2008 Parts Use Flowchart, it probably can’t be used.

Is the part a safety hazard, or likely to damage robots, the field, game pieces, or interfere with the humans or the controls?

Energy Sources? Is the part an energy source…?

Both of those YES answers end up being not allowed. (Did you notice all the YES answers in the flowchart end up being NO conclusions? Sounds like life, doesn’t it?) The rules also mention not allowing gerbils, but nothing about hampsters. There might be some wiggle room going down the “Electronics” branch, if you can get by the “safety hazard” above it. By the way, usfirst.org is already set up for the 2009 FRC Competition Manual!

Doctorwho: More like “field damage” – refs wouldn’t get mad, but you’d get DQ’d! But more realistically (once you build the flux capacitor :wink: ), how are you going to hit 88 feet per second when an empty field is a little over 60-feet on the diagonal?

Think Geek has a replica available, and the obligatory sign.

I like Roger’s analysis above but we should also consider that GP pushes us away from items that are not available to all teams. That is unless the provider is willing to deal with all teams.

Wait a second…I remember when that got started at the Boilermaker Regional. Someone asked for a flux capacitor over the intercom. Someone else and I found a broken pneumatic cylinder, threw some tubing on it (maybe some electronics) and called it a flux capacitor and gave it to the team. I can’t remember for the life of me which team that was.

I remember you guys doing this, but I thought it was at the 2004 Midwest Regional. Are you sure it was at Boilermaker?

… and no, we are not gonna start selling these.


Thinkgeek already cornered the market on the Flux Capacitor anyways.

I’m saving up to get one. lol

well… forget the plutonium
we’ll just get a lightning bolt to strike for the 1.21 Jiggawatts!

Geez guys… We got Mr. Fusion