pic: Follower Wheel

Last year Chris is Me designed a set of follower wheels for our first Mecanum drive. They worked incredible well to measure actual distance traveled. I felt like redesigning the system to be printed with our Makerbot X2. This would be mounted on the inside of the chassis and protrude through the belly pan and spring loaded to make sure that they make good contact with the ground.

That looks beautifully integrated! any reason why you chose to use the large gear on top instead of a small gear and a multiplier in code?

Probably so it would clear the encoder. VEX gears increase in size in 1" increments.

Do you have a sort of spring to keep it driven into the ground? Also, be very careful in making sure it deploys 100%. 973 used them in 2013 for their 6wd and in quarterfinals at champs, 1 follower wheel didn’t deploy and that cost us the match. Don’t want your team to learn that the hard way.

Jay is right, two 60 tooth gears are the smallest stock gears to clear the wheel and encoder. We may try to 3d print a smaller gear, but the additional distance between gears also allows for more material to hold the frame together.

Yes, we would either use a rubber band or use a spring to make sure it is down. It always be deployed, we would just need to make sure that it moves smothly. Once we make a bracket to attach it, we will see how smooth it is. We may need to make some adjustments, but it shouldn’t be too hard to make it move smoothly.

How wide is it at the widest point? Wondering if it’d fit between a WCD frame and the bumper.

The widest point is 2.25".