pic: For the protection of FIRST


Corey was arrested for excessive speeding on the the feild, reckless endangerment of other robots and wearing a goofy shirt

B-rat was arrested for possesion of an unregistered firearm, deadly accuracy and also wearing a goofy shirt

Both are out on bail and await a court date after The Championships

after our triumph at the Las Vegas Regional, Team 25 was granted a Police escort from the border of North Brunswick all the way to the North Brunswick Highschool, after we arrived, the Police officers had more than a few sitations to hand to these 2

I cannot believe they didn’t cite you for those multiple unsafe lane changes that occured both in New Jersey and Nevada!

Anyways, great job on your year so far- maybe you can convince NASA to webcast your court trial so we can all watch it. I don’t know if you can make much of a case against the charges, but well… entertainment nonetheless.


I’m sure those smiles are on high beam… another charge for the book

Go on trial at Nationals… that would be something that’s never happened there… it would be one heck of a new twist to the events!

I have your answer though… Corey can get off clean but Bharat is guilty guilty guilty :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew they’d eventually get arrested … sigh. Bye bye cor cor and spider. :frowning:

I know you don’t want to lose the trophy but that’s just extreme…

Want to go find the Cops, tell them we have those men they were after in custody?