pic: For those looking for a view from the driver station

Better than 2010 IMO, and definitely better than the wooden practice fields. It’s amazing what a difference transparent polycarbonate makes.

Still, I suspect, as always, it will get crowded once you add 6 robots to the field.

Also, is it just me or was that Cheval de Frise assembled/weighted incorrectly?

I thought we were playing this game where the field was horizontal.:slight_smile:

The 11th defense.

What’s up with the CDF? It should be up-down-up-down right? In this pic it is up-down-down-up.

Looks like we’ll be fastening hook-side VELCRO to our wheels.

Don’t forget R6 :wink:

I recommend putting velcro on your driver station this year even if you don’t normally do this.

Seriously, not as bad as I had feared, but definitely enough to justify the cameras on the robot.

That’s a view I can live with. But if it was the drawbridge instead of the portcullis there, then the neutral zone and the last two defenses would probably be completely obstructed.

Courtesy of Chief Delphi arbitrarily rotating image previews for no reason. :rolleyes:

I would also recommend Velcro on your driver station. During one match, an opposing robot rammed into the castle wall and knocked down our driver station along with one of our alliance member’s driver stations. It happened again to 179. They wouldn’t replay the match due to our lack of Velcro.