pic: Forklift Extended, with Ringer

This is a test of the forklift with our grabber on it. The grabber has been tested, and with dual vacuum cups on opposite sides of the ringer can withstand some pretty serious pummeling without letting go.

Using the pneumatic tilter for the grabber, the lift can reach 100 inches from the ground, and can reach this height from the ground in 4 seconds.

Bradley Smith is proud of his coiled tubing.


Looks great!!! cant wait to see it in compitition! I think that we could get the forklift mounted today and bring it back to the school before kim gets angry.

What pneumatic lifter?? A rotary actuator cause were having a problem with ours going vertical. Ours doesn’t seem to have enough strength… could you show me a picture of yours maybe any help would be really appreciated

if you look at the picture of the grabber (the picture posted after this one) you can see the pneumatics

Did I ever mention how awesome you guys are?
(I hope you can get it mounted, how are the Carbon-Fiber panels?)
Way to got 753

We have one pannel at sams and tipton has the other one. if you could call him up and see if he could bring it over, that would be great. bradley created a mock-up lift that will work and now we will build it. the rest of the robot is almost done.

Looks good! I do have one question, though. Based on the slightly limited grip of the venturis, have you tried giving your robot a kick while it’s gripping, to see if it can keep hanging onto the tube?

(The immature geek in me is required to say… “ours is bigger.”)

Looks good!

yeah we have. we hit it very hard and the pvc fittings that hold the grabber (they wernt glued at the time, they were taped) fell of but the vacum cups stayed attached to the tube. We also tested it with only one vacum cup attached to the tube and it can hold it on.

Its true, I am proud of my coiled tubing… I spent a lot of time making it darn it!!!

GO 753

…At least you didn’t burn your hand making it like I did!