pic: Formal Picture


On Thursday night, a bunch of people went out for a formal dinner at Bucca di Beppos in Indianapolis. Who said FIRSTers don’t clean up nicely??

Is that Dave Kelley giving us the figer back there? :rolleyes:

When I first saw this picture I was like “OH CRAP, that’s me with my finger looking like it’s up my nose, and I don’t even remember doing that!!!” Then I realized I was in front of him in my jacket :rolleyes:


Notice 234’s robot hanging on the bar in the picture.

  • 50 cool points. :]

Hey and my shirt is open and tie is pulled down. This picture was taken before we went to eat…

Red tennis shoes really look good too :wink:

+50 Cool Points to me too :stuck_out_tongue:

+50 Cool Points to Stu Bloom for wearing his ref shirt over his shirt and tie with jacket (maybe it should be -50 instead ;))

Don’t forget that TechnoKats robot in the upper left corner…what a stylish hat :smiley:

At least you had a tie (notice me in front of D.J.). I left mine hanging on my bed!

Yeah, but you had a vest. +100 cool points, even though we didn’t make you wear it.

DJ…why the red shoes? you know those so didn’t match :stuck_out_tongue:

At least all the girls looked hot.

Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner

I wore the red shoes, because i knew they didnt match :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, well I brought a suit all the way from California, so hah!


Wow I look short with Brandon and Big Mike behind me… and there is no way Stu is taller than me. :smiley: I should have gotten on the top platform. :slight_smile:

Hey you are not alone ;-).

Let’s see if I can name these people:

In the front row (from left to right): Andrew Morrison, Ricky Q., Meli, Jess, Amanda, and Katie.
2nd row: DJ, Sarah, Ben, Cory, Jeremey, Stu, and me.
3rd row: Andrew’s friend from Floria, Andrew R., Chris, Aaron, DK, Brandon, and big Mike.

No hitting if I got any of you wrong ;-). Or poking for that matter, I’ve had enough at the scoring table to last me a year.

It looks like a debate competition in the wrong place at the wrong time. :yikes:

…except for the cool points winners, DJ, Stu, 234’s Robot (sorry, I don’t know what its called), and mega cool points by the Kat’s Klaw (with first hat).

Theres another bot hanging there too, we came in as they were finishing up testing the field. Well i took my suit all the way from Miami. and we do look like debaters.

Yeah…i’m thinkin minus 50 pts for Stu and his ref shirt…what a loser :slight_smile:

>>>just kidding (hence the reason for the smily) :slight_smile:

Hey Hey i get like +1000 extra points for being really sexy in that picture :slight_smile:

If my memory is correct… I think it was 494 in there too. That looks like their hook thingy near the bar.

So… uh… what was the reason for playing dress up?
Ooh, let me guess… Two robots came together in a hole-y match-rimony? :rolleyes:

Amanda & Jess suggested it in a chat one night, and it just kinda evolved into a “hey, guys in ties … girls in prom dresses” dinner thing.