pic: Former Team 808 National Robotics Challenge Entry

So, after our withdrawal from FIRST due to funding issues, we entered the National Robotics Challenge. To find out more:

This was our heavyweight autonomous sumo robot. The whole thing was roughly 24" x 24" x 7", ran 6 CIMs, used four IR Range Finders and two Ultrasonic Range Finders, was 125 lbs, and was fourteen wheel drive. And no that rubber on the floor didn’t come from our wheels :slight_smile:

So, let me tell you our experience at the event. We were only able to play one match in the whole competition. In the first sumo match, our robot found the other one and pushed it out of the ring. Then it continued and rammed it into the wall. Well, that sheared off about 7 gear teeth on both of our main drive shafts :(. We didn’t have enough time to fix it, so we were done. Well, I would have to say it was an ok event. There were many different other competitions going on that day, such as: mini sumo robots, manufacturing work cells, and maze navigation. The best part is that it is open to college teams.

Any Questions :slight_smile: ?

Fun! What circuit do you compete in (sozbots, combots, etc)?

Any specs on that beaut, like armor type, speed, drive base, weapon, etc? Think we could get a “guts” view?

It’s fun to see FIRST students branching out.

Oh, it’s not a combat robot so the armor is just plain aluminum. Max speed it roughly about 4 fps. Sure, will get a “guts” view soon.


EDIT: Whoops looks like I don’t have one right now but could get one next week. Meanwhile I will post other pictures.

Oh, Sumo, then? That would probably explain the many wheel bearings. Did you go with tank tracks, a bunch of urethane wheels, or something else entirely?

That thing looks beastly. I love the 14 wheel drive.


Does this this answer your question :slight_smile: . Fourteen Colson wheels.

does it have to be first legal?
if not a few websites that would help in the future for parts or questions, etc.


No, it doesn’t have to be first legal. We’ve known about the Robot Marketplace and the Robot Fighting League. Robot Marketplace is actually where we got our Colson wheels. Decent order processing and shipping times.

yeah for gear boxes check out team whyachi. there a little but expensive but there good qualiry. i have never used them but talking to teams that have said there amazing and worth the money.


The drive system you guys uploaded on the other page reminds me a bit of our drive system last year. 14 Wheel drive FTW! :yikes:

Yeah! 14 wheels ftw! But too much traction and too much torque =/= (does not equal) spinning wheels. Instead, it equals breaking gear teeth. We’re working on integrating a slip clutch or something to stop this.