pic: Fortune Cookie


While eating lunch today, I was surprised to find this extremely-relevant fortune. What can it mean?!

I would say that we have just found the alliance for Championship Finals 2006, but 14 isn’t a team anymore…

Alright, I’ve done some thinking on this, and I believe I have found an answer. 14 was formerly a team at Lakewood HS in Pinellas County, FL. No FL team has yet won a championship. Perhaps this is a sign that a FL team will get that far this year? :cool:

Ironically, I had Chinesse for lunch also, and it said “Now is the time to try something new.” With the lucky #'s 15,18,20,34,40,43. Lets say one of those fits 45 pretty well this year…

Awesome! What are the odds?

25 33 + 40??? what a killer alliance that would make ANY of the past few 3 years… maybe…

if they are in the same division at nationals watch out =X

662 made a few presentations in the hopes of attracting funding from a venture group in the area. On the way back from one of the presentations they stopped by a chinese restruant and got a fortune cookie that said “You will have a buisness venture in the near future” or something like that. We thought it was pretty cool, but we haven’t gotten any funding yet…

On another note… Why do scouting? We’ll just get a few fortune cookies and pick finals partners that way :D.

Do you think that Dave Lavery has gone into the fortune cookie business? It reminds me of the cryptic clues he leaves.

40 + 8 = 48


edit and so does 34 +14! Double Wahoo.

actually, 14 is still a team, we just changed numbers in 1998. we’re now better known as team 312, heatwave. and yes, we plan to return to Einstein Field this year. and we expect to win.

if 8 is lucky, we’ve got 3 of 'em

34+25-14=45 oh so many signs…maybe there will be a tie for the chamiponship? That would be cool…but not likely.

So much for us 3+ digit teams

Another relevant fortune gleaned from my after dinner snack:

48+23 = 71
44+23 = 67

Suits me.

The Future.JPG

The Future.JPG

Oui countraier (or whatever that french phrase is)

8+14+25+33+34 = 114!

Sorry, I just had to put in one more useless tidbit.

Mike C.

how bout us digiters?

Now I know I’m happy I picked you guys for pre-kickoff Fantasy FIRST