pic: Found at a Microcenter

Photo taken by Petzer… don’t mind the fact that its upside down

Those look like some unusually specific parts to just have on a rack in Micro Center.

Maybe there are a lot of FRC teams in the area?

90 teams in the NYC/LI area.
96 if you count environs like Yonkers & New Rochelle.

Why is it $1.01 cheaper at MicroCenter?

Note to self: Check microcenter for AndyMark parts

Microcenter in CA has had AndyMark parts for a few years, usually at a markup.

Right, but of all the parts you could stock, they have only those 3 different items. Why those items in-particular?

Between the Brooklyn, NY; Paterson, NJ; and near Philadelphia, PA; MicroCenters there are more than merely those AndyMark parts. Course the cheapest tax is NJ where it is merely 3.5% because of the redevelopment zone (same for Lowes across the parking lot). So score for the rest of the robot materials ;). MicroCenter also sells 3D printing goods so there is another bonus (Inland ABS/PLA works fine in my RepRaps).

They have some wheels and some gear boxes but you really have to look in Paterson because that store is always disorganized.

I too have ran across some AndyMark parts on clearance at the MN Microcenter.

Two years ago, I found AM stuff at MicroCenter in Madison Heights, MI. I saw stuff there too last year. I was there last week, and they had revamped the “Ardunio” area, and I did not see any AM parts there anymore. It maybe the AM stuff was placed on clearance, and cleaned out.

I was at the Philadelphia (St. Joseph’s) MicroCenter repeatedly during build season, and can’t say I noticed any AndyMark products.

Walk into the store.
In the back left there’s a section with Arduinos/Raspberry Pis.
That’s also the area with speakers on the rear wall and some games in the middle of it.
Middle top of the shelves over there last I saw them near the Arduinos on the front wall of that section.
(TVs to the back left of the store, compatibles in the back, cables in the front aisles, routers/WiFi/security aisles in the rear right, custom parts on the right, 3D printers and other printers towards back right, returns on the front right, pick-up on the front left (also a check-out).)

They had wheels and some packages and per the MicroCenter website say they still do:
Search Andy Mark at MicroCenter.com after selecting the Philadelpia/St. Davids store
It’s about 50 minutes from Rittenhouse Sq. in Philadelphia out past the International airport.

A little warning when MicroCenter says quantity 1 on a the website that is sometimes wrong.
(The Paterson, NJ store is sometimes particularly bad about this BTW.)
Call first or order on the website and wait for them to e-mail they have it.
If they can’t find it they’ll tell you.

I actually took pictures of the boxes at one point about 1 year ago to show to a friend that’s an FTA.

I know the store and the area in the store. I didn’t see any AndyMark products there in the several trips I took in the November-February timespan.

Well I suppose the only way to be sure is to order something for pick-up and see if it materializes :wink:
I just don’t have it in my heart right now to order a bunch of omni-wheels just to find out if they have them.
I have to head out to NextFAB possibly this weekend, maybe I’ll stop in and see what’s there.

Standing in Philadelphia, PA MicroCenter holding AndyMark ToughBox w/12.75:1 ratio.

Department is slightly reorganized but with 10 minutes found most of the stuff with the store reps help.

There is now one less OpenRobot shield and 12.75:1 gearbox at MicroCenter in Philadelphia :stuck_out_tongue:

No more 12.75:1 ToughBox in Paterson, NJ either :wink: but all the AndyMark stuff is also roughly in the DIY section.