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Good Idea? Bad Idea?

This made me giggle.

Now only if they made baby segways.

Dean, are you reading this?

I’M only mad because i didn’t think of it first

The era of the “Segway Mom”

Is that Britney Spears? - with hair.
That’s about as stupid as it gets!
I hope Child Serveces catches up with her. Before she gets that kid hurt, that is.

My opinion: baby needs a helmet and mom needs some sense. I can think of a few ways that could go very badly very quickly.

a. the shoulder bag
b. the balance of the mother even without the bag
c. the baby without the helmet
d. the street
e. where is the crosswalk?
f. the reach to the stroller handle

She’s actually IN the crosswalk, Jane.
But I agree, VERY dangerous.

not a good idea whatsoever

those stripey things are the crosswalk?
ok, that’s good.

How about a baby stoller trailer?

Ok, ok, I agree, not a very good practice.

Come on guys, you’re engineers, figure out how to fix the situation instead of complaining about it. People do stupid things every day and it’s a great way to get inspired and make some money :wink:

1.) Make semi-flexible extensions for the stroller to directly attach to the frame of the segway. That way when the segway moves, the stroller moves. The same force that would cause the segway to tip sideways is the same force that would cause the mother to flip sideways, therefore there’s minimal risk due to this. In other words, Segways don’t flip their passengers over by themselves, and mother’s don’t flip themselves over alone either.

2.) Make a carrier or hooks so that bags may be safely placed into/onto them on the segway frame. This way the mother can drive with both hands.

3.) I’m sure there’s already speed settings, however the segway could have a sensor that detects when the stroller is attached. Upon detection, it would scale the max speed back to a person’s normal walking speed or slower.

4.) If you wanted to get really fancy, you could come up with a simple differential system for the stroller so that when the segway turned the stroller turns slightly as well. This would allow for better direct stroller control.

So with modifications, how exactly is this dangerous? If she could put 2 hands on the stroller, it’s as if she were walking behind it. If you compare walking down the street to driving in a car, this is as safe (with mods) as a a mom/dad in a minivan with a bunch of 6-7 yr olds – and some of us know how much “fun” that can be. And just think – she could be running across the street with the stroller in front of her.

This is not a job for an engineer. A phychologist is needed to develop a test too weed out idiots.

No need to spend money on that. It’s called Natural Selection.

Can they make a Segway Carriage so the baby can walk his mother?

I fear we’ve reached a level of civilization where evolution has pretty much settled into maintenance mode. Physically, technology compensates for lack of fitness, and the unfit survive. Stupid “protect me from myself” laws keep those lacking sufficient quantities of common sense, skill, and/or blind luck from being weeded out quickly. We’ve locked Natural Selection away and replaced it with No Fool Left Behind. :frowning:

g. Is she wearing heels? High heels on a Segway takes quite a bit of adjustment - as I learned the hard way.

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Alan Anderson again.

This is one of those times where I assume there’s a reason Segway hasn’t put one out itself. As someone who’s been on an older Segway, similar to the one pictured, two hands is highly recommended (and not just so you can steer with one of them).

As Bernie Taupin observed three decades ago, times are changing, now the poor get fat. His lyric seems almost quaint these days, seeing how far freedom of stupidity has progressed.

Can you see her heels? :confused:

No, but it wouldn’t surprise me. The telling sign would have been a more engaged leg (as is one of the purposes of heels), but her pants are too loose to be able to tell.

The elevation of the heel changes your center of gravity, and the Segway just accentuates the difference, especially when moving forward and backward.